The MisterParks Travels series

About the MisterParks Travels series

This series attempts to place the units of the National Park Service in an ecological context. The idea is to group the parks according to the eco-region in which they reside. By discussing them within a common ecological context a better appreciation for what makes the region unique is enhanced. Similarly, each park in the same zone adds a slightly different twist to understanding the region.

Each book contains a description of the region’s ecology, paying attention to the geology, topography, climate, vegetation and wildlife. Then there is a brief overview of the history of the region, informed often by the parks that in that region. Each park is discussed itemizing the highlights of the park and what it tells about the region.

Perhaps the most unique part of the book is its concluding chapters which includes a subjective impression of the area and the parks. Especially useful is a Resources section which provides a checklist of unique features of the region and a list of resources (websites, books, restaurants, and travel sources) to help in planning your own exploration of the region.

Each book is available on this website in electronic, PDF form. There is also a link to a source where a quality bound paperback version can be purchased.

Happy Travels!