Great Lakes Rendezvous

Great Lakes Rendezvous
by Michael Young, photography by Joan and Michael Young
Published by MisterParks Travels, Copyright 2019© Michael Young
Design by Dan Frank Digital Design
303 pages, 200 photographs, available in eBook and PDF formats.

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Great Lakes Rendezvous PDF
Great Lakes Rendezvous PDF
A road trip through the National Parks of the Midwest

Our most recent trip is the one this book is about, Great Lakes Rendezvous. Although I went to college in Minnesota and had been to Chicago a couple of times, I really hadn’t seen much else of the Great Lakes area and Joan had never been there at all. We identified 16 bucket list items on and near the Great Lakes. Joan spent a lot of time researching those states and, including Chicago, identified a list of ‘rebellion’ items she wanted in the itinerary.

(‘Rebellion items’ are places Joan wants to see that aren’t on the National Park Bucket List that I created. It is her ‘rebellion against the tyranny of the bucket list…’. I have to admit, though, they are usually very interesting and worth the time.)

The most difficult park to get to on the trip, and probably one of the most difficult in the entire system, is Isle Royale National Park. You have to make reservations – very early – for that place, so we picked a date right around the summer solstice, called the reservation line almost on the first day you could make reservations, and got our spots. Once we had those dates, we plotted a trip on both sides of it, staying at each location long enough to see everything we wanted to see. Throwing in some ‘down days’ to use for resting and in case something happened to interfere with the schedule, we were able to plot out a trip of nearly four months – the longest trip we have ever done.

We plotted the routes and, since we were headed in that direction anyway, we added Homestead National Monument in Nebraska, our last bucket list item in that state. This map shows the route we took on this trip. It isn’t exactly correct, for example: we didn’t drive through Des Moines, Iowa, but rather drove across southern Iowa to the Mississippi and then took the river road north. Generally, though, it shows where we went.

So. Let’s get started on this trip…

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